Environmental Simulation Testing


Ensite is the test department of NSI bvba at Bilzen.  It was founded in March 2005 to meet the need for environmental testing on NSI products. This need arose from the increasing demand for keyboards and pointing devices operational at low temperatures or tropical climates (high relative humidity).  The foundation of Ensite gives NSI the opportunity to extend its product range in accordance with the needs of its customers. Ensite also keeps its facilities available for the realisation of temperature and climatic testing by order of third parties.

Ensite performs in-house temperature and climatic tests. Tests according to following international test standards are applicable at Ensite :

  • cold tests : IEC 60068-2-1 Test A
  • warm tests : IEC 60068-2-2 Test B
  • cyclic temperature tests
  • constant climate tests 
  • cyclic climate tests
  • others on request

By performing these tests, objects can be subjected to different simulated climatic conditions e.g. arctic climate, desert climate, tropical climate, etc...

Test procedures according to international standards IEC, DIN and MIL or according to procedures provided by the customer are possible.  Customers have the opportunity to carry out tests individually at the premises of Ensite or to have them carried out by Ensite.

For tests carried out by Ensite a test report can be created if asked for by the customer. This report contains following elements : 

  • a description of the test object(s) and the test equipment
  • a description of the used test procedure
  • the pass criteria
  • the test results (only if the object's property to be evaluated can be evaluated by and at the premises of Ensite test as "to pass or to fail").
  • photographs of the test setup and test object(s).

Ensite guarantees discretion concerning all tests carried out and test reports.


Ensite assures quality of its provided services by the presence of qualified personnel for the execution of the tests, test equipment of the best quality and regular maintenance and calibration.

certificate of calibration       

certificate of quality             

Test Possibilities

Our climatic chamber is a Vötsch type VC 4034 with a test capacity of330 litre.

We can perform all test demanded by the customer within the range of the specifications shown below.

Specifications climatic chamber

  • Dimensions test space : 580mm x 765mm x 750mm (BxDxH)
  • Temperature range :-45°Cto +180°C
  • Humidity range: from 10% r.v. to 98% r.v. (to set up at temperatures between 10°C and 95°C)
  • Maximum heating/cooling rate : 3°C/ min.
  • Maximum weight test object : 80kg

Two glove-protected openings in the test chamber door will enable manual operation of the test object during operational tests.

    Any questions about our temperature and environmental testing ? Contact us : 

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    Contact : Mr. Arne Plaghki
    Master in Applied Physics
    Tel. : +32 89 51 90 07
    Fax : +32 89 51 90 09