Industrial pointing devices

industrial trackballs, touchpads & joysticks

NSI offers high quality trackballs, touchpads & joysticks for various industrial applications, indoor and outdoor, such as public access- and information kiosks or terminals, navigation control, processing industry and many others.

We have the largest industrial trackballrange in the world !

Industrial meaning dust- and waterproof trackballs, sealed IP65 up to IP68 and suited for cursor control applications in harsh environments.  

Our trackballs range in ball sizes from 13mm-75mm, backlighting options, flexible electrical outputs, custom mounting arrangements and a significant number of additional features and functionalities.

Our industrial touchpad solutions provide a smooth and precise cursor control using the latest capacitive technology.  

Choose your industrial trackball, touchpad or joystick 

Industrial trackballs

Panel mount or desktop trackballs

Easy mountable trackballs.  Industrial desktop trackballs with rugged enclosure.

trackball modules

Industrial trackball modules

OEM laser optical or mechanical trackball modules.

sealed IP65 up to IP68 waterproof.

Industrial touchpads

IP65 or IP68 waterproof touchpads.

Haptic feedback touchpads

Industrial joystick

Industrial joystick

industrial "dual function" mouse joysticks. 3-axis joystick

backlit industrial trackballs

Backlit industrial trackballs

LED industrial trackballs with backlighting

military trackballs

Rugged MIL spec trackballs
MIL spec trackballs and other rugged trackballs

marine trackballs

Marine trackballs
IEC60945 certified trackballs and other products especially suited for marine applications

industrialkeyboards with pointing device

Industrial keyboards with integrated pointing device

Do you also need a keyboard ?Check out our large range of industrial keyboards 

Customized trackballs or touchpads

Still haven't found a standard solution ?  No probem, NSI is specialised in adapting trackballs or touchpads to your needs. 

Custom trackball panel & housing (dimensions, colours, …), interface, custom backlighting, ball colours, special output protocols, cabling,...

General features NSI pointing devices

  • Dedicated quality trackballs, touchpads & joysticks 
  • Largest trackballrange in the world
  • Dust- and water sealed
  • IP65 and IP68 trackballs
  • Panel mount, OEM or enclosed standard versions
  • Large standard product range
  • Specialist in backlit solutions
  • Technical knowledgde and support
  • Maintenance free products

Pointing devices for your industry

...and all environments where a high quality pointing device is needed

Contact us

Questions ? Or do you need help with your choice ?  Don't hesitate to contact us :

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