Keyboards & trackballs for industrial applications

NSI offers high quality keyboards & trackballs for a wide range of demanding applications in various industries incl. the general process industry, automation, marine, military, paper-, glass- and steel industries,...

    A dust- and water sealed keyboard or trackball to integrate into your  machine or console ? We have the best IP65 and IP68 solutions.

    A backlit keyboard for your low light environment ? We are specialized in  high quality backlit solutions for all kind of input devices.

    NSI has a large standard product range and also offers custom made keyboards, control panels and pointing devices which will perfectly suit with your equipment.

    industrial IP65 sealed keyboards

    Industrial keyboards

    Large range of industrial keyboards :

    Panel mount keyboards for easy mounting or desktop keyboards with robust steel, stainless steel or high impact polystyrene enclosure.
    Dimmable high brightness LED backlit keyboards

    Sealing up to IP65 & IP67.

    industrial trackball, touchpad or joystick

    Industrial pointing devices

    NSI offers  quality trackballs, touchpads & joysticks. We have the largest trackballrange in the world with dust- and waterproof, sealed IP65 and IP68 trackballs. 

    Panel mount, OEM or desktop versions

    Customized industrial keyboards & trackballs

    NSI is specialised in adapting keyboards to your needs.  Please check our custom capabilities.

    Find the best solution for your industry

    ....and all environments where a high quality keyboard is needed.

    Questions ? Need an offer ? Please ask here : 

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