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NSI industrial applications for keyboards


Whatever your requirements, whatever your application, we want to make sure our keyboard, trackball, control panel or other input device will provide you the highest level of control and accuracy.

Our reputation for quality and our strong focus on customer service have positioned us as a reliable and innovative supplier of input devices. Since 1988 we have delivered reliable solutions for demanding applications in various industries.

We regard close cooperation with our customers throughout the entire design and production process as the key point to a successful partnership and perfect solution.


    • Belgian based company
    • Product partner for the Cursor Controls Ltd trackball modules
    • Founded in 1988
    • 14 employees (Sales team, production team, development team)
    • 90% export
    • In 2018, NSI proudly joined the discoverIE Group of companies
    • ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 certified 


Besides a large range of standard products, our dedicated team of development engineers enables us to deliver optimum custom products fulfilling your exact requirements.

    WHY NSI? 


      • Dedicated quality keyboards & trackballs
      • Sealing IP65 up to IP68, completely waterproof
      • Large standard product range
      • Flexible custom solutions, also for smaller quantities
      • Low development costs for custom designs
      • Specialist in backlit solutions
      • Quick response and decision time
      • Technical knowledgde and support
      • Maintenance free products
      • Branding with your logo
      • Durability


    We want to be a respected and leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality and technically advanced professional input systems.

      • Focussed on our customer
      • Good products
      • Pride
      • Innovative
      • Work Enjoyment
      • Quality policy
      • Environmental policy


    The purpose of the Quality Management System is to ensure that the products and services provided to the company customers consistently meet or exceed their expectations. The company operates a system that regularly evaluates its processes and customer needs, and has set quantifiable goals with plans in place to ensure that they are improved year on year.

    To achieve, maintain and improve this policy, NSI bv introduced a QMS in accordance with the international quality management system standard for quality assurance, Belgian version, NBN EN ISO 9001:2015. This QMS contains drawing up, introducing and maintaining a suitable quality policy; ensuring that the requirements of the customer have been determined and have been met; making the customer's requirements known to the internal requirements as laws and regulations within the organization; and ensuring the availability of resources, personnel, infrastructure and working environment.

    All this to introduce, maintain and improve the QMS with the aim of increasing customer satisfaction. 


    At NSI bv, we are fully committed to the continual improvement of our environmental management system through constant monitoring/review to reduce our impact on the environment. An EMS has been introduced in accordance with the international environmental management system standard for environmental assurance, Belgian version, NBN EN ISO 14001:2015. 

    It is our policy to:

      • Protect the environment and prevent pollution in all aspects of our business;
      • Reduce our waste;
      • Recycle / reuse materials wherever practical;
      • Reduce the consumption of natural resources and energy;
      • Monitor our Progress with defined objectives and targets.


    For customer references, please contact us.


    Cursor Controls is manufacturer of the trackball modules used in the NSI keyboards, control panels and trackball units. They are based in Newark, United Kingdom. 

    A descendant of the original Marconi company and still acknowledged today as one of the leading innovators & manufacturers of high quality design led trackballs, Cursor Controls Ltd offers without question the widest range of trackballs in the world. 

    Headquartered in the East Midlands in the UK with all key departments and resources under one roof, CCL ship products to over 30 countries across the globe, with exports accounting for over 90% of total business. 

    Specialising in customised solutions, CCL design and manufacture high quality trackballs and pointing devices for a range of markets with particular focus on Military, Marine, Aerospace, Medical and Industrial applications.

    Any Question ? Need some assistance on your project ? We will be happy to assist you !

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