NSI is now ISO 14001 certified


NSI is now ISO 14001 certified

Our planet, our environment and our people are factors that are high on our minds at NSI.

Therefore, we take our responsibility through an active environmental management. We have taken several actions to develop an appropriate environmental policy and to ensure the implementation.

The concrete actions we are implementing include:

  • Reducing gas consumption in our buildings.
  • Lowering the consumption of electricity.
  • Reduction of water use.
  • An active approach to reducing, sorting and recycling our waste.
  • ...

We do our utmost every day to comply with these measures and have therefore obtained the ISO 14001 certification by the independent agency "TÜV Netherlands"

So from now on, we are officially ISO 14001 certified. It is a great addition to our existing ISO 9001 certification, which we already achieved in 2013.

Explanation of ISO 14001:

"ISO 14001 is the most comprehensive environmental management and audit system for continuous improvement of environmental performance of companies and organisations and is valid throughout the world.  It specifies requirements for your environmental management and includes the entire value chain. The standard is based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act model and assesses the environmental impacts of the processes and products of the certified organisation itself, but also upstream and downstream processes such as use of raw materials and logistics." - Source:  TÜV Nord

We are happy that our efforts are appreciated and will continue to do our part for a better world.

The policy and the derived objectives are regularly assessed for their continued suitability for NSI. The ISO certifcates are also available on request.

For more information you can always contact our responsible for quality assurance: Arne Plaghki - arne.plaghki@nsi-be.com