Customized keyboards & pointing devices

customized rugged industrial keyboard

Choose the keyboard, control panel or pointing device that is perfectly adapted to your industrial application !

NSI has all necessary mechanical and electrical design facilities available in order to meet specific customer requirements.

What is your application?  Do you need a personalized sealed keyboard, branded with your logo, or with a special shape or output ?  Or a pointing device that fits perfectly into your console, withstanding extreme temperatures ?  Do you need special requirements or a certification for your application or market ? Or maybe a complete industrial control panel ?

We can help !

Describe your project or ideas in a few words and we will send a noncomittal offer.

radar control panel

NSI has a large standard range of  industrial keyboards and pointing devices and specific industry products (military, marine, food,...)

You can check if one of our standard products suits your requirement.

Maybe a small change might be the perfect solution. 

Our dedicated team of development engineers enables us to deliver optimum custom products fulfilling your exact requirements.

We regard close cooperation with our customers throughout the entire design and production process as the key point to a successful partnership and perfect solution.

    Use your own keyboard or trackball, custom built for your company 
    and have the best solution for your equipment and whole team !

    Custom designs include a large choice in :

    • Custom keyboardlayout tailored to any application : 

      • add your company logo
      • add your specific keyboard colours 
      • add your keyboard country layout
      • add your key arrangements,...
    • Custom keyboard panel & housing (dimensions, colours, …)
    • Custom keyboardinterface, keymatrix, dimensions,...
    • Custom pointing device & interface
    • Backlighting:  almost any LED color, along with NVIS Green B for night vision compatibility. 

    • Keyboard technology, f.i. :

      • Membrane
      • Mechanical 
      • Silicone rubber keyboards
    • Sealing grades up to IP68 sealed
    • Switching technology
    • Trackball ball colours
    • Special output protocols like f.i. Serial output or CAN-bus keyboards
    • Cabling,...

    Be inpired by some examples of customised keyboards and trackballs :

    industrial keyboard with logo

    Rugged industrial keyboard with logo.  Send your logo and we will make a proposal based on your company colours.

    backlit colour on keyboard or trackball

    Customised LED backlight colours on keyboards and trackballs

    MIL-SPEC keyboard with amphenol

    Rugged, waterproof custom output for your keyboard or trackball 

    Waterproof control panel

    Waterproof control panels
    f.i. Radar or ECDIS control panels & keyboards. 

    Furuno handheld keyboard

    Tailor-made handheld keyboard panel with integrated scroll wheel

    personalised trackball

    Flexible customizations based on our standard trackballs, touchpads or keyboards.

    keyboard with industrial joystick

    Integration of bespoke joystick, touchpad, trackball or other pointing device

    customised touchpad

    Fully customizable touchpads functionality, layout, size and appearance – incl. custom branding options

    extended operating temperature range trackballs

    If the standard temperature range is not sufficient for your application, we can supply  extended temperature tests

    additional USB port on keyboard

    Additional USB port or other component on your keyboard, trackbal or touchpad.

    special shape industrial keyboard

    Special keyboard shapes

    Complete customized sealed keyboard or trackball. 

    bespoke keyboard

    Customization on a standard version, which completely suits your equipment.

    retrofit trackball

    Retrofit trackball.

    Special trackball bracket to fit perfectly into your console. 

    Z-axis trackball

    Z-axis trackballs

    Customised trackballs

    Custom frame or bezel for keyboard or trackball.

    Adapted solutions to fit our keyboard to your installation

    customized sealed keyboard with logo

    Customized keyboard, trackball or touchpad

    • Speciality NSI 
    • Flexible custom solutions
    • Also for smaller quantities
    • Low development costs for custom designs
    • 30 years + experience 
    • Maintenance free products
    • In house development 

    Contact us

    Ask for a QUOTATION : describe your custom keyboard or trackball project in a few words and our specialists will send an offer.

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