Food keyboard with trackball

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  • IP65 sealed hygienic keyboard
  • Integrated 38 mm laser waterproof trackball
  • Removable trackball for easy maintenance
  • 105 short travel switches with low pressure, positive tactile feedback
  • All stainless steel enclosure, sealed to IP65
  • Integration of a waterproof breathable membrane on the backside, creating a dry environment inside the enclosure
  • Design optimized to reduce contamination

3D drawing on request.

Please send me the 3D drawing download for this product.

Hygienic design membrane keyboard with trackball

NSI designed a keyboard specifically for the needs of the food processing industry. The keyboard has an removable waterproof trackball and can also be operated with gloves.

The innovative waterproof breathable membrane on the back of the keyboard ensures a dry environment within the stainless steel housing with IP65 seal. Perfect for the harsh conditions in the food processing industry, while still ensuring easy cleaning and hygienic design.

Standard available types :

KSTM105RVS0001USB - US Qwerty
KSTM105RVS0007USB - Cyrillic Russian
KSTM105RVS0032USB - Belgian Azerty
KSTM105RVS0033USB - French Azerty
KSTM105RVS0047USB - Norwegian Qwerty
KSTM105RVS0049USB - German Qwertz

Other standard keyboard versions suited for food applications :

Desktop food keyboard  with touchpad, see KSTP105RVS

Panel mount keyboard with trackball, see KSTL105

Technical specifications

Sealing : IP65 sealed
Keys : 105 short travel keys
Pointing Device : 38 mm waterproof laser trackball
Operating temperature : 0°C to +60°C
Output : detachable 2m. shielded USB cable, IP68, ended by a type A connector
Housing : stainless steel
Front layer : polyester, chemical resistant
Supply voltage : +5V +/- 5% (via keyboard port)
Supply current : 200mA max.

Typical keyboard applications

Food industry – automation
Industrial bakeries
Vegetable processing plants
Meat processing plants
System integrators specialised in this market
Restaurant applications
and much more...