New distributor agreement between APC and NSI


APC Technology, a renowned designer and supplier of Rugged Computing and Technology, headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia, and NSI bv, a leading manufacturer of keyboards, pointing devices, and control panels designed for maritime and rugged applications, with its base in Bilzen, Belgium, are excited to announce their newly forged distributor agreement.


For many years, APC Technology has demonstrated a successful track record in distributing products from Cursor Controls Ltd, the sister company of NSI in the UK. This partnership has paved the way for APC Technology to expand its reach and expertise in providing cutting-edge technology solutions.


The signing of this new distributor agreement was marked by a significant event, where Freddy Caubergh, the Managing Director of both NSI bv and Cursor Controls Ltd, attended the Indo Pacific exhibition in Sydney. Freddy Caubergh extended his support to the APC Technology team during this event, reinforcing the commitment to the new collaboration.


Both Craig Williams of APC Technology, and Freddy Caubergh of NSI are highly optimistic about the potential for success in this new partnership. They believe that the collaboration will bring mutual benefits and contribute to their respective organisations' growth and success.


A memorable moment from the IndoPacific conference captured the essence of this partnership, as pictured are Craig Williams from APC, Freddy Caubergh from NSI, and David Eyre, the Director for Maritime at Defence SA, standing together on the APC Technology booth. This presence at the Indo Pacific 2023 International Maritime Exposition showcased APC Technology and NSI as integral parts of the Defence SA contingent, which constitutes the largest-ever South Australian delegation at the event. This collaboration served as a testament to the state's world-class naval defence capabilities, demonstrating its commitment to excellence in the maritime and rugged technology sectors.