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vandalproof trackball

Anti vandal solutions @ The State Hermitage Museum

Industry or application : Public access, controller system

Customer’s question or problem : We need a compact controlling device for our education console which must be very robust and withstand a lot of utilizations per day.

Our solution: NSI offered a solution – TSA50F2 trackball. A robust, anti-vandal compact device, which is resistive to dirt and made of stainless steel.

Keyboard adapted to your environment

Industry or application : Food processing industry

Customer’s question or problem: A touch screen seems to be the perfect solution for food applications, but it has limitations on ergonomics and usability. The combination of cold environments and 60°C hot water for cleaning makes it a challenging environment. What can NSI offer to us ?

Our solution: We have adapted two industrial keyboards to the harsh conditions that occur in the food processing industry. The housing is made of stainless steel, the seal is IP65. The keyboard is available with an integrated waterproof trackball or a touch pad that can also be operated with gloves. The integration of a waterproof breathable membrane on the back ensures a dry environment within the housing. Now offered as a standard solution.

Make your own trackball

Industry or application: Automatic machines, soda bottling lines

Customer’s question or problem: We want a device for our automatic machine console to select functions and make manipulation on a screen (zoom, selection of area etc)  – the device must be IP68 if possible and easy to clean (projection of water and other liquids like soda)

Our solution : we first proposed our standard trackball type TSX50 trackball with 3 buttons and removable ball.  Operators did not like the top position of buttons and the customer did not want middle button , then we simply proposed 2 buttons and reversed the trackball (buttons under the ball)

Complete custom solutions

Industry or application : Marine, radar system

Customer’s question or problem: We want a keyboard with 10 keys, a trackball and backlighting, please make an offer.

Our solution: NSI started from scratch with some proposals and developped a complete customised silicone keyboard with a 19 mm trackball and IP68 scroll wheel

retrofit trackball

Retrofit trackball

Industry or application : Machinebuilding "Hurco"

Customer’s question or problem: “We want a trackball for our  machine which will replace current obsolete and too heavy mechanical trackball, please make an offer”

Our solution: NSI made a special bracket and used a trackball that fitted perfectly into the customer’s console. 

simrad keyboard

Customised control panel for a sonar marine application

Industry or application : Marine

Customer’s question or problem  : We are looking for a small and cost-effective keyboard, combined with a trackball which should work for both the echo sounder and sonar.  In addition, the keyboard should be able to tackle harsh environments and therefore required an industrial and rugged design. Adjustable backlight is essential, along with easy installation - plug and play!


The two new models are fully customized keyboards.  They are both specially designed to meet the requirements for a combined solution. Both models are low-cost operating panels with compact design. The use of two encoders gives full control and ensure efficient use of multi systems. 

Pimp your equipment

Industry or application : Machine building

Customer’s question or problem : We need rugged keyboards with touchpad to integrate in our machines, please offer your standard KSTP105 keyboard

Our solution : After knowing the complete project details, we finally offered a customization on the standard version, with the customers colours and logo - which completely suited to their equipment.

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