Marine keyboards & trackballs

ship bridge navigation keyboard

A deep dive into maritime keyboards & trackballs

Requirements for keyboards and trackballs for maritime applications are demanding. It needs a deep technical knowledge to find the right solution.

NSI has a long history of innovation for keyboards and pointing devices within the marine sector. Since 1986 we have delivered reliable solutions for difficult problems to the maritime industry, working with clients to supply both standardised and custom products that meet their requirements.

NSI’s reputation for quality has seen it working with some of the most visible names in marine technology.

marine keyboard

Specific features

  • Most extended range of marine keyboard- and trackballsolutions
    with IEC 60945 certification in the world!
  • The only supplier with IP68 sealed trackballs
  • Large standard product range
  • Flexible custom solutions, also for smaller quantities
  • Flexibility within the IEC 60945 certification
  • Radar & ECDIS keyboard control panels
  • Solutions for shock and vibration
  • Low development costs for custom designs
  • Specialist in backlit solutions
  • Short decision time
  • Technical knowledgde and support
  • Personalization with logo

Standard range of marine keyboards and pointing devices

Check out our large range of standard keyboards, trackballs, touchpads suited for maritime applications.  Sealed & waterproof solutions.

iec60945 keyboard

IEC60945 certified keyboards and trackballs

We have the most extended standard range of IEC 60945 marine certified keyboards and trackballs in the world.

We have an open certificate for light customization. So for example, if you just need another country layout or backlight colour we can customize a standard version without having to reapply for certification.

For fully customisation we have to recertify again. If required we provide the test reports and the IEC 60945 certifications.

ship bridge trackballs

Typical marine keyboard and trackball applications 

  • ECDIS systems 
  • Radar systems
  • Bridge navigation systems
  • Autopilots
  • Alarm and monitoring
  • Engine control
  • Military , commercial or cruise ships
  • Offshore applications
radar control panel

Marine control panels 

Besides keyboards and trackballs, NSI develops complete customized control panels for maritime applications.

f.i. Radar & ECDIS control panels. 

Including specific marine components like rotary encoders, zoom wheels,... 


Chartworld keyboard

CASE : Designing a marine keyboard for ChartWorld

ChartWorld, a world leader in marine navigation systems, was looking for a manufacturer to produce a premium keyboard that could offer extra functionalities to their clients. The keyboard had to be waterproof, backlit, and have an IEC 60945 certification. 

By personalizing one of our (premium quality) standard marine keyboards we could create a product that directly fitted all the needs of ChartWorld. We added specific labels to the keys, the ChartWorld logo and a custom frame. Our IEC 60945 certified keyboards offer flexibility within the certification.

Oliver Schwarz, ChartWorld :

“Since many of ChartWorlds’ products are installed on seagoing vessels, we were looking for a keyboard partner that could warrant for a reliable keyboard and trackball solution with IEC60945 certification.  Our business requires long-term availability of the components used in our systems.  We started the cooperation with NSI while designing our ECDIS system.  After testing, we decided to go for the KSML92 series for our premium solution, one of NSI’s high end IEC60945 certified keyboards with integrated 50 mm trackball. 

The fact we could add our logo and custom printed characters enabled us to provide the user with a keyboard fully adapted to our system.  In a second stage we also decided to replace the office keyboard, used as standard solution in our ECDIS, by a more rugged version (RKCT92 series). 
NSI invested in tooling for the enclosure, which made it possible to reach the price level we were after.

NSI’s technical knowledge, great support and long experience really helped us in offering the best keyboard solutions for our application.” 

ecdis premium keyboard

Customized IEC60945 marine certified keyboard,

short travel technology, with 50 mm optical trackball.

Based on standard NSI keyboard KSML92S0001-W-MC1

ecdis silicone keyboard

Customized IEC60945 marine certified keyboard,
silicon rubber technology, with 25 mm optical trackball.

Based on standard NSI keyboard RKCT92S0001-W-MC1

CASE : Customised control panel for a sonar marine application

NSI developed a customised keyboard in cooperation with their Norwegian distributor Hatteland Technology.

Business needs:
The customer was looking for a small and cost-effective keyboard, combined with a trackball which should work for both the echo sounder and sonar.
In addition, the keyboard should be able to tackle harsh environments and therefore required an industrial and rugged design. According to the product specifications adjustable backlight was essential, along with easy installation - plug and play!

echo sounder and sonar keyboard


The two new models are fully customized keyboards.  They are both specially designed to meet the requirements for a combined solution. Both models are low-cost operating panels with compact design. The use of two encoders gives full control and ensure efficient use of multi systems.


Key Features: 

  • Compact and rugged keyboard
  • Integrated trackball and encoders                          
  • Plug and play via USB
  • Cost effective

Custom marine keyboards & trackballs

NSI is specialized in adapting keyboards and trackballs to your needs. 


Any Question ? Contact our marine keyboard & trackball specialists, they will be happy to assist you :

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